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Moore Books is a small scale venture set up to publish scripts and act as an agent for their performing rights. The basic criterion for publication is that a script be written by an  Australian resident and preferably have had a production. Not necessarily a professional one.

As the opportunity arises we hope to be able to expand into other areas and offer for sale works by people from outside of our little pond.

We are also interested in hearing from the authors of theatre related books.

To playwrights and authors:

We are interested in hearing from playwrights who would like to see their play/s published. Or indeed from any author of a theatre related work that would like to have it published.

Please note we are not a vanity publishing company who will produce a large number of hard cover books at your expense that will then sit in boxes in your garage until you get sick of them and throw them out.

We do not intend to create many hard copies of your play but are setting up an electronic publishing company that will also handle performance rights for your script.

As far as we know this service is unique as we hope that all of our business will take place on line, other than production of the legally required deposit scripts.

To theatre companies; amateur, co op or professional:

For theatre companies, we have a growing catalogue of new Australian written plays.

We expect that you will find that these scripts are all very affordable, both in script costs and royalty rates. We also hope that you find our system of electronic scripts and issue of rights through the internet will make life easier for you.

Have a look and see if there is something you would like to read and maybe produce. It’s all designed to be as easy as possible and surprisingly affordable.


Happy browsing!

Tony Moore and Joanna Webb


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Rick at Holden Street Theatres 2007

Spotlight Theatre Company production of Rick! at Holden Street Theatres, 2007

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